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Why Coating Systems Fail

Many factors influence the life and performance of coating systems. Recognizing the exposure conditions and specifying the proper coatings is the first step in obtaining satisfactory coating performance. Specifying adequate surface preparation and coatings, combined with on-the-job inspection during preparation and application, serve to assure the best possible coatings performance.

Broadly defined problems which cause deterioration fall into one or more of the following categories. The environment of the proposed project should be examined to assess the presence of these either separately or in combination.

  • Heat
    Heat can cause coatings to discolor, blister and burn off. Specially formulated finishes should be specified for substrates exposed to elevated temperatures.

  • Moisture
    This problem may include exposure to steam, humidity, condensation or actual immersion in water. For surfaces subject to the various types of moisture, it is essential that a coating be used that will adhere to moist surfaces, cure normally under these conditions and repel moisture to protect the surface.

  • Impact
    Concrete will wear and can crack and chip. These problems require special coatings. Similarly, metal and wood surface subject to impact require the protection of unusually tough and flexible coatings.

  • Abrasion
    All surfaces in high traffic areas are subject to damage from abrasion. In the case of masonry block, filling followed by glazing upgrades wall appearance and provides excellent resistance to abrasion as well.

  • Atmospheric Corrosion
    Constant exposure to the elements rain, heat, temperature changes and the ultraviolet rays of the sun may wear away a protective coating. For a coating to work effectively, it must be tough enough to resist the elements and be flexible enough to expand and contract with the surface to which it is applied.

  • Chemical Corrosion
    Acids and alkalies will attack and destroy ordinary protective coatings. Chemicals and their concentrations must be accurately identified so that the proper coating system required for effective protection can be utilized.

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